Strategic Vision for 2018 

Choices of Louisiana, as a component of CARF initiated ASPIRE philosophy is implementing the following Strategic Plan based on key components of success of our three facilities located in Hammond, LaPlace and Alexandria, Louisiana.

The purpose of this plan is implement services in the upcoming year.

  1. “Expectations of Persons Served” The expectations of the persons served remain constant throughout Choices of Louisiana. The patient population expect professional services performed in a courteous manner. In south Louisiana, we expect to accommodate our patients with unique employment situations such as off-shore or chemical plant workers and others who travel great distances to attend the program. The increase in the number of persons served seeking financial assistance continues to increase.
  2. “Expectations of Other Stakeholders” Stakeholders in the community expect Choices of Louisiana to continue doing business in a manner which is not disruptive to the surrounding area and region. Choices will continue doing business in a manner that is not disruptive to the surrounding area and region. Choices will continuously maintain open communication with local drug courts, law enforcement agencies, and local providers in the community. Please utilize the Contact section to reach out to us.
  3. “The Competitive Environment” Choices of Louisiana offers medication-assisted treatment with the use of Methadone and buprenorphine. Despite some physicians having the ability to prescribe some medications to combat the misuse of opioids, our closest competition is at least 30 miles away.
  4. “Financial Opportunities” One opportunity would be for Medicaid Expansion in LA to cover OTP services, thus making treatment more financially accessible for those who qualify. An additional opportunity is to expand services to those seeking care using Buprenorphine. The State-Targeted Response grant has been awarded to provide funding for treatment for Medicaid-eligible patients who qualify for clinic services.
  5. “Financial Threats” Threats to the organization come from barriers to treatment through stigma associated with opioid treatment, and patients choosing to seek treatment from their addiction through pain management physicians. Another threat to Choices of Louisiana – LaPlace is that the clinic is located within a hurricane zone.
  6. “The Organizations Capabilities” As the Northshore and Laplace facilities are close enough in location, if a shortage of staff occurs at one location, a member from the other location can travel. This is beneficial with our Medical Directors and any time away that they may take from the clinic will not take away from service delivery. Additionally, this allows for cross-training of some staff.
  7. “Service Area Needs” The predominant service need of our patients relates to funding matters. Choices of Louisiana is not reimbursed by Medicaid/Medicare and there is no specific funding for pregnant and post-partum women. There has been promise in gaining access to Medicaid services, ad steps have been taken to ensure that there will be no difficulties in maintaining services once/if they are approved.
  8. “Demographics of the Service Area” The demographics of this area remain consistent. We continue to have a significant number of patients who travel over an hour each way to attend treatment. Though Choices of Louisiana-Northshore alleviated some of the travel issues with the LaPlace location, individuals traveling from the most southern part of the state still have to drive long distances to seek services.
  9. “Relationships with external stakeholders” Our relationship with all identified local stakeholders remains positive. We are seeing a more positive relationship with local drug free treatment providers as they are referring more patients to the organization. High quality service referrals across the life span would be available to everyone with an emphasis on screening, early diagnosis, and early intervention. Choices will continue to work with the community to build partnerships in hopes to increase understanding that addiction is a medical disease and that there are available treatment options.
  10. “The Regulatory Environment” To be at the forefront of any regulatory updates, our Program Sponsor, serves as a board member for AATOD. Additionally, Choices maintains a strong relationship with the State in order to stay abreast of any local changes and opportunities.
  11. “The Legislative Environment” The new Medicaid funding and legislation pertaining to rates is still pending. Choices will continue participating in local , regional, and state steering committees.

 Goals In Order of Priority

  1. Continue to monitor any activity relating to state or federal funding for patient services.
  2. Continue to provide training as requested from local agencies
  3. Make staffing adjustments as needed for change in census
  4. Continue to build knowledge of substance abuse in the criminal justice system
  5. Continue performing public outreach by participating in substance abuse and health-related conferences



Just a reminder, all Choices of Louisiana facilities will be closed Monday September 02, 2019 in observance of the Labor Day holiday. Have a safe and enjoyable holiday weekend.