Getting Started

Choices of Louisiana, Inc. accepts patients who walk in or patients who wish to make an appointment. Days of admission are Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, between the hours of 5:30am and 9:30am.

  • You will need to bring a photo ID
  • Must be in Mild withdrawals
  • Have the ability to pay for service
  • You will be at the facility for approximately 2 hours

The Medical Director or Program Physician and the treatment team gather information to determine if you meet the requirements for admission.


Requirements for admission:

  • Must be 18 years of age
  • You must present evidence that you have been dependent on opioids for one year
  • There are three exceptions; pregnancy, recently released from a penal institution, and history of relapse



Individuals who have experienced serious problems due to mind-altering drugs and destructive behaviors come to us to learn how to make positive changes in the way they think and make decisions. You are in charge of your treatment; there is nothing anyone can do for you or to you that will magically make your life better. Only you can do that.