Criteria for Admission

Minimum Admission Standards:

  • All individuals shall be 18 and older
  • Individuals must present with a history of addiction and current physiologic dependence
  • Individuals must verify at least one (1) year of addiction to opiates at admission
  • The Medical Director must authorize all admissions based on independent assessment of each patient, as indicated by the patient’s application for admission, before the first dose is administered



  • Released from a penal institution within the past six months
  • Pregnant and does not exhibit objective signs of opioid withdrawals
  • Was treated for opioid dependency within the last twenty-four (24) months and at risk of a relapse
  • was recently released from a chronic care facility and is at risk of a relapse


Exclusionary Criteria:

  • A patient may not be admitted to Choices of Louisiana Inc. if he or she is unable to meet basic needs
  • Actively dangerous to self and others
  • Self-destructive behavior requiring twenty-four (24) hour supervision




Individuals who have experienced serious problems due to mind-altering drugs and destructive behaviors come to us to learn how to make positive changes in the way they think and make decisions. You are in charge of your treatment; there is nothing anyone can do for you or to you that will magically make your life better. Only you can do that.