Treatment Philosophy

Core Values

  • Service – The privilege of reaching out to meet the needs of others
  • Justice – Striving for equality and fairness in all relationships with special care for those most in need
  • Pride – Striving to be recognized as a quality provider of healthcare serving the local community and surrounding parishes


  • To improve life functioning in the areas of vocational, social, family, and community integration
  • To minimize and/or eliminate the use of illicit substances that contributes to decreased quality of life
  • To improve psychosocial adjustment and functioning within the context of the person’s served current living conditions


Treatment Philosophy




Individuals who have experienced serious problems due to mind-altering drugs and destructive behaviors come to us to learn how to make positive changes in the way they think and make decisions. You are in charge of your treatment; there is nothing anyone can do for you or to you that will magically make your life better. Only you can do that.